Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates


Benjamin Bettisworth
Benjamin Bettisworth is worrking on ESR Project 9: Auto-tuned & flexible phylogenetic likelihood calculations under the supervision of Alexandros Stamatakis at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies. In his project Ben will be looking into optimizing the internals of the most recent version of RAxML, called RAxML-NG, to perf... show more
Zeyuan Chen
Zeyuan Chen is working on ESR Project 10: Genomics and resilience of Limacina pteropods under the supervsion of Prof Michael Schrödl at SNSB - Zoologische Staatssammlung München. Her project is related to the Genomics and resilience of Limacina pteropods (sea butterflies). Limacina pteropods are abundant and ecological... show more
Anne Guichard
Anne Guichard is working on ESR Project 11: Assembly and annotation of heterozygous insect genomes under the supervision of Dr. Denis Tagu at INRA Rennes. Although there are countless initiatives such as i5K for sequencing insects, these efforts are hampered by their often complex, very large and highly heterozygous genomes. New hybrid assembly strategies using b... show more
Paschalis Natsidis
Paschalis Natsidis is working on ESR Project: 12 - Comparative genomics and phylogenetics of the Deuterostomes under the supervision of Prof. Max Telford at the University College London (UCL). Through his project Paschalis is aiming to cast light on currently largely controversial knowledge on phylogenetic relationships of Deuterostomia. By sequencing genomes of impo... show more