Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates


IGNITE researchers explore actinoporin-like proteins in the phylum Porifera

A recent IGNITE article published in the Marine Drugs journal provides evidence that a diverse array of Porifera represents a novel source of actinoporin-like proteins. While their ecological role in sponges remains to be determined, the aforementioned qualities encourage the exploration of these proteins for the biotechnological applications which have been proposed for anthozoan actinoporins.  Actinoporins are proteinaceous to... show more

The new release of the OpenBiodiv-LOD

A recently published article in the open-access Biodiversity Data Journal introduces the new release of the OpenBiodiv-LOD (Linked Open Dataset). IGNITE and BIG4 researchers successfully created the new OpenBiodiv-LOD through information extraction and modelling of additional biodiversity entities. Furthermore, they made additional developments to OpenBiodiv-O ontology. OpenBiodiv is a biodiversity knowledge graph that includes OpenBiodiv-L... show more

IGNITE supported research presents how long-read assemblers prosper

IGNITE researchers Dr. Nadège Guiglielmoni and Prof. Jean-Francois Flot have recently published a research article titled “Overcoming uncollapsed haplotypes in long-read assemblies of non-model organisms”. The paper, which was published in the open access journal BMC Bioinformatics, provides a thorough evaluation of popular assemblers on a non-model eukaryote genome with variable levels of heterozygosity. It concludes  tha... show more

IGNITE ESRs virtual catch up meeting in times of a pandemic

Yesterday, the ESRs in IGNITE had a virtual meeting to catch up and discuss with each other the effects of the pandemic on their projects. The students shared their progress and plans for the future as the IGNITE project is nearing its end. Among the positive messages from the meeting were the news of some labs re-opening soon and ESRs making progress with thesis writing and even finding future research opportunities!  

New IGNITE publication: The omics data paper structure and workflow for import of genomics metadata

A research article, co-authored by IGNITE members Mariya Dimitrova and Prof. Lyubomir Penev and published in the open access journal GigaScience, presents a template and workflow for automatic import of standard-compliant metadata into an omics data paper manuscript within a journal publishing system. These advances provide a mechanism for enhancing existing metadata through publishing. The researchers aimed to establish a new type of article ... show more