Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates


Мulti-level comparative genomics approach helps distinct species

IGNITE research uses genomic comparisons to identify considerable differences in the general structure of the genome and the makeup and history of various gene families of biological relevance to habitat adaptation. This study uses a comparative genomics approach for a deeper appreciation of the structure and causes of the deeply diverging lineages in the Placozoa. Placozoans are a phylum of tiny (approximately 1 mm) marine animals t... show more

Taxon-rich genomic-scale data sets illuminate pancrustacean evolution

Following the emergence of phylogenomic data sets, the relationships of crustaceans and hexapods (Pancrustacea) have been intensely discussed and partially elucidated. However, major uncertainties regarding the position of iconic taxa such as Branchiopoda, Copepoda, Remipedia, and Cephalocarida, and the sister group relationship of hexapods still remain. Recent IGNITE- supported research assembled the most taxon-rich phylogenomic pan... show more

Computational discovery enables broad taxonomic examination

A recent IGNITE-supported study presents a computational approach that enabled a taxonomically broad examination of the 28S rRNA molecules of the eukaryotes for the presence of the hidden break.  In some eukaryotes, a ‘hidden break’ has been described in which the 28S ribosomal RNA molecule is cleaved into two subparts. The break is common in protostome animals (arthropods, molluscs, annelids etc.), but a break has also b... show more

Workshop promotes Innovation Training Networks among researchers

This week, one of our beneficiaries, Pensoft, was invited to present their experience in ITN projects at an ITN proposal writing workshop. The event was organised by the Network of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action National Contact Points for the mobile scientific and innovation community - Net4MobilityPlus and was aimed at promoting the Innovative Training Networks amongst researchers.   Prof Pavel Stoev, who is the Editori... show more

IGNITE's 3rd Network Wide Training Event (Zagreb, Croatia)

Last week (31.08 - 08.09) all IGNITE members attended a very intensive meeting, which included poster presentations and talks by the ESRs, many inspiring lectures and group activities.     Maja Kuzman gave a full-day lecture about statistics in R as well as general statistical principles, Jean-François Flot taught us about the evaluation of genome quality and Gert Wörheide showed us how to best communicate in scienc... show more