Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates


Supervisor: Jean-François Flot (University of Brussels), Co-supervisor Romain Koszul (Institut Pasteur, Paris) Student: Nadège Guiglielmoni  Objectives: Despite a near-exponential increase in the number of eukaryotic gen... show more
Supervisor: Andreas Hejnol (University of Bergen), Co-supervisor Davide Pisani (EMBL Heidelberg) Student: Ferenc Tibor Kagan Objectives: The animal vegetal axis of the fertilized egg is the first embryonic axis (primary axis) around which ... show more
Supervisor: Grace McCormack (NUIG Galway), Co-supervisor Denis Tagu (INRA Rennes) Objectives: Haplosclerid demosponges, one of the most diverse sponge groups, produce a range of bioactive compounds potentially useful for developing novel anti... show more
Supervisor: Davide Pisani (University of Bristol), Co-supervisor Max Telford (UCL, London) Student: Mattia Giacomelli Objectives: The "Cambrian explosion" (~ 520 millions of year ago, MA) is the fossil signature of the radiation of bi... show more