Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates


Supervisor: Alexandros Stamatakis (HITS Heidelberg), Co-supervisor Kristian Vlahovicek (University of Zagreb) Student: Benjamin Bettisworth Objectives: There currently exists a plethora of computational tricks that allow for accelerating t... show more
Supervisor: Michael Schrödl (Zoological State Collection Munich), Co-supervisor Andreas Hejnol (University of Bergen) Student: Zeyuan Chen Objectives: Planktonic thecosome snails ("sea butterflies", Limacina spp.) are abunda... show more
Supervisor: Denis Tagu (INRA Rennes), Co-supervisor Dominique Lavenier (INRIA, Rennes) Student: Anne Guichard Objectives: Although there are countless initiatives such as i5K for sequencing insects, these efforts are hampered by their ofte... show more
Supervisor: Max Telford (UC London), Co-supervisor Davide Pisani (University of Bristol) Student: Paschalis Natsidis Objectives: The Deuterostomes are one of the two major branches of bilaterian animals and are of particular interest to hu... show more